Chinafornia postcard 72dpi

Chinafornia is a new animated comedy web series, written in the spirit of The Daily Show & The Simpsons. The first episodes will debut soon. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to get the latest updates! Here’s our snappy synopsis: America, 2018. The economy remains in a tailspin. Some Americans even cancel their cable. Unable to pay the $10 trillion it owes to China, the U.S. comes up with a plan: it gives China the state of California. Chinafornia is born, and Chinese Vice Premier Jidong Chen is placed in charge. It will be up to Chen – who has studied California through meticulous viewings of Baywatch – to manage the takeover & the chaos that follows. And it will be up to reporter Jasper Davenport, “America’s Most Watched & Most Sexy Newsman,” to force Chen to answer to the people of Chinafornia. Can Chinese determination & American creativity combine to build a better world? Or will Chinese stubbornness & American boneheadedness form the perfect cocktail for a state even more screwed up than California already is?

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